Anna McKinlay

My vision is a world where it is NORMAL for people to live happy, healthy and rewarding lives.

I am passionate and serious about equipping people with the habits and the tools to create the results they desire in life – personally and professionally.

As the National Director for YB12 Coach in the United States and New Zealand, I am committed to training other self-employed coaches. So they, too can build successful coaching businesses that meet their goals and support the lifestyle they desire. … And so together we have a significant positive impact in the world.


I worked with Anna on the YB12 programme for 12 months as my business was starting to grow. The monthly meetings kept me on track as well as giving me tips and tricks on how to keep the momentum going. Three years later my business has grown exponentially, more than I’d ever imagined it could and I’m sure the systems and processes Anna helped me put in place have played a large part in that. Selecting goals to work on, and limiting it to just four meant my focus wasn’t spread too far. Anna’s gentle coaxing and the accountability I learned have stood me in good stead and will continue to in the future. Aside from networking itself, this was a great investment in my business and myself.
Katrina Harding
Travel Adviser – Lower Hutt
NZ Travel Brokers
April 2018

[I gained from the programme] a real sense that “total focus” is achievable for me and the tools I need to achieve it. Anna is amazing
Sinead Diederich

As a direct result of this course we as a team have totally changed our goals for the business and more importantly our team.
Ben Allan
CEO David Reid Homes

YB12 Qualifications

Anna is qualified to train the following parts of the YB12 curriculum;

YB12 Corporate Plus

YB12 Classic Personal Development

YB12 Results for Business

YB12 Total Focus Workshops

About Anna

One of my favorite quotes is:
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act. It is a HABIT”

This is very true, and applies to all areas of our lives.

In everything I do, my focus is on helping others to establish habits that will lead directly to their goals. Habits for health, for mental attitude, and for business success.

Whether you are a self-employed coach wanting to build your business, a business owner or entrepreneur seeking to go to the next level, or whether you wish to improve your life across the board … I’ll help you build the formula and tools for success into your daily, weekly, and monthly routine.

Helping you succeed in business and in life …

As a YB12 Corporate Plus coach and corporate trainer, I have the pleasure of helping others in their own businesses and lives to achieve breakthrough success. And to improve the quality of their lives across the board.

Helping you build your dream coaching business …

As National Director for the USA and New Zealand - I help other coaches succeed in this field. I train and mentor professional coaches, who desire to make a difference in the world by coaching individuals and businesses, to do just that.

In three decades in the coaching field, YB12 Coach has developed a proven formula for success in this field – it is my privilege to share this formula with the coaches I work with, so they can use it to build their own coaching businesses and to achieve the lifestyle they desire.

A bit more about me …

My career has been all about making a positive difference in the lives of others.

I launched my own business, as a self-employed YB12 Coach, in early 2013. I brought to my business almost 20 years’ experience in leadership roles in government, corporate, and as a consultant. And a wide range of skills, including:
  • coaching and mentoring,
  • goal setting and action planning,
  • communication,
  • commitment,
  • stress management,
  • creative problem solving,
  • facilitation,
  • and more.
As well as helping numerous clients make lasting positive change in their lives, by applying what I teach I have transformed my life and results dramatically. I am committed to continual improvement in all areas of life, with a passion for health & wellness. I also have a strong interested in martial arts, and am a 2nd degree black belt in the Seido Karate style.

So if you are ready to go to the next level – whether it’s as a coach, in your business, or across all areas of your life – contact me. I’m here to help you!

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